7 / 11 / 2020

Dear players,
Contact us via discord if you own a clan with 10+ members and get donation coins on the server start!
You need to have 10 active members, if you use anykind of bots you will be not given any coins.
Grand Opening is at 14/11/2020 Athens Time so be prepared!.
Until then server will run as beta and beta will end at 13/11/2020
07 / 11 / 2020
Into The Flame drop can be rated.
Chances for bane skill moved.
Roony no random walk and global ai
Malaria and generally Hot Springs disseases cannot be lifted from skill "Cleanse".
Raid announce: write the player's (not a pet) name even if the player killed with a pet
Correction of custom boss droplist.
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